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A NetBackup for DB2 Cheat Sheet


This post is a cheat sheet for most of what I think the DB2 database administrator needs to know about Symantec NetBackup as a DB2 backup, recovery and log archival utility. My notes make version and platform assumptions of Unix DB2 version 9 and above, and NetBackup 6.0.

I wrote this because you don’t need to know that much to get NetBackup working for DB2, and the Symantec docs are very unclear and not well written. With that being said, if you get into a jam you will need to read the Symantec docs, and probably call their support. As I discovered, not everything is documented. But NetBackup DB2 Agent version 6.0 seems to work quite well most of the time.

DB2 LUW Backup Multiplexing and LIST HISTORY


Have you, as a TSM or NetBackup backup solutions user, noticed multiple entries in LIST HISTORY BACKUP for each of your successful DB2 backups, each with a different image sequence number, and wondered why?