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About the Blog

I started this blog due to frustration at the lack of good writing elsewhere on DB2 database administration. My intent is to write very clear How-To’s on many of the simplest tasks facing the LUW DBA, with an emphasis on problem resolution rather than on theory or advanced database topics. Unless otherwise noted, my posts assume a Unix OS and DB2 version 9. This is NOT about mainframe database administration, sorry.

My posts reflect real world admin situations. If I sweat blood solving a problem or inventing a better wheel, I feel better knowing others outside of my current company have benefited from my efforts. I would love to hear from you, please contact me with your thoughts at consulting (at), (please respond to the spamarrest challenge/response message.)

If you need help with DB2 at your own shop, feel free to contact me about my database administration consulting services. I am available for any length contract, for travel, and for remote site work, anywhere in the world. My strengths are performance tuning, problem resolution, migrations, and training. See more about my services at my consulting website.

Jeffrey Benner