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Monthly Archives: December 2008

DB2 – Oracle Migration Workbench a no go


The Oracle Migration Workbench (OMWB) will not work for DB2 to Oracle migrations if DB2 version is past 7.x. Why: the Workbench consists of two components, a set of common files for all databases; and a plugin (plug-in) for the specific database and version. The most recent plugin available for OMWB is for DB2 version 7.2, and that only for the DB2 LUW Windows platform. There are, however, third-party tools available which supports current DB2 releases.

IT Contractors: response to Kurt Cagle of O’Reilly


Kurt Cagle, online editor for O’Reilly Media, has written an extremely interesting article on the need for change in the world of IT contracting. He points out that a large portion of recent IT workforce cutbacks have been the discontinuation of contract workers. I discuss his conclusions, disagree with some, agree with others, and add some further ideas to move the discussion along. I talk about contractor workers collectives, telecommuting and more flexible, modular approaches than the 40 hour workweek.