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Did you know that since version 8 the QUIESCE command has allowed you to block new connections for  either the entire DB2 instance (and all databases under it) or to just quiesce a single database? You do this using the INSTANCE and DATABASE options.

You can also quiesce an instance or database, yet make exceptions to allow connections from specific users and groups, using the USER and GROUP options. You could use this, for example, to allow a production application to continue processing under its GROUP or USER authority, yet block ad hoc queries from business users. More useful yet is the ability to allow users with less than SYSADM/DBADM/SYSCTRL authority do maintenance on tables while excluding all other connections and workloads.

You can also allow applications to complete their current transaction by using the DEFER option, or allow them up to a specified period of time to complete (general default of 10 minutes) by using DEFER WITH TIMEOUT.

These options are documented here for:

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