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Problem with DB2 LDAP Plug-in

Summary: I believe that the IBM LDAP authentication plug-in version 1.2 for DB2 version 9 on Solaris 10 does not correctly failover to a new LDAP server on the IBMLDAPSecurity.ini file keyword LDAP_HOSTS when a prior server on the LDAP_HOSTS list becomes unresponsive.

Configuration details: Using DB2 version 9 Fixpack 4, Solaris 10 and LDAP plug-in version 1.2 (Solaris files dated 2007.08.20).

Within the IBMLDAPSecurity.ini file located in the [instance home]/sqllib/cfg directory there is a configuration keyword LDAP_HOST. This keyword is a string listing the sequence of LDAP servers to try when DB2 LDAP authentication is attempted. Here is the actual list from our server when our problem occurred:


I would expect DB2, in this case, to first use LDAP server . If DB2 were unsuccessful in connecting to LDAP server, it should then attempt, and so on down the list until a LDAP server was successfully connected and authentication data returned.

On Friday December 12th we began receiving connection authentication errors, with this message in db2diag.log:

2008-12-12- I4731A312          LEVEL: Error
PID     : 16761                TID : 1
FUNCTION: DB2 Common, Security, Users and Groups, secValidatePasswordPlugin, probe:20
DATA #1 : String, 96 bytes
LDAP search failed with ldap rc=81 (Can't contact LDAP server)

Where user id abcdpapl is the application user.

Subsequent research by systems engineers determined that the first three servers on our LDAP_HOST list were failing: ,, and But all the other servers on the list, 10.25.*.* in particular, were functioning. In fact we were only able to get DB2 authentication by LDAP working again by reordering the LDAP_HOST list to put the 10.235.*.* servers to the top of the list and recycling the DB2 instance. DB2 is clearly ignoring every entry on the list after the first, and not failing over.

I have opened a PMR and am waiting for IBM engineers to give me a final decision on whether this is a defect and that the DB2 LDAP 1.2 plug-in is not working as designed.

UPDATE 2008.12.18: My IBM contact tells me today that this is going to have to be considered a design change request (DCR), not a defect. As he explains it, “In this case, we successfully bound to the first LDAP server. Had that bind failed, we would have proceeded to the next server from the LDAP_HOST list. Instead, we started getting search errors, specifically RC=81. The IBM LDAP Authentication Plug-in is not currently designed to bind to another server and try the search again. Arguably it should be, but this becomes a Design Change and not a defect. You will need to make that request through your IBM Representative. DB2 Service does not have the ability to open Design Change Requests.”

I have submitted a DCR through my IBM representative, but I expect resolution to this will not happen soon.

Background on the DB2 LDAP Plug-in

DB2 security plug-ins were introduced in 2005 with DB2 version 8.2 but LDAP was not initially supported. The LDAP Authentication Plug-in has been available for DB2 LUW since 2006; and has since been released in 3 versions: 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. LDAP Plug-in 1.0 was not officially supported under version 8, but only implemented officially for version 9 (though it would work under 8.2). With 1.1 the LDAP Plug-in began to be supported officially for DB2 both version 8 and 9. With LDAP Plug-in 1.2, released concurrent with DB2 9 Fixpack 3, came support for Open LDAP server. If you use the DB2® Version 9.1 Fix Pack 6 (or later) fix pack image to install a DB2 database product, the LDAP security plug-ins are included in the installation.

The LDAP security plug-ins are also available for download here.



  1. Dorival Bettoni

    I am using LDAP authentication for two years now and I have reported an error to IBM about the Administration Instance. I am not able to use GUI Administration interface from remote desktops, all authentications requests fail, although I can use administrative instance functions when running commands on the server.
    I have requested a PMR but I wonder if any of the users have faced this problem and any tip about how to solve it.

    Posted on 18-Dec-08 at 03:48 | Permalink
  2. Dorival,

    What version of DB2 are using? What is the OS and version you are using on the server, and what is the OS and version of the clients where the GUI Control Center (I assume) is running?

    Do you see the authentication error only on the client, or do you also see it in the server db2diag.log?

    Posted on 20-Dec-08 at 21:14 | Permalink
  3. Dorival Bettoni

    1. We are using DB2 version 9.5.2 (Viper 2) for AIX and LINUX as far as database server is concerned
    2. Clients are also version 9.5 (GUI).
    3. The error appears in the client side only.
    I remind you that the error is for DB2DAS only. We don’t have problems authenticating users in database instances.

    Posted on 22-Dec-08 at 05:38 | Permalink

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